Overlanding North America
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2015 oddments.txt
review oddments

k-means++ Silhouettes
algorithm statistics javascript visualization

Brisket Manifesto
science review methodology

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Winter Is Coming
statistics visualization

Death March
review workflow algorithm

Planetary Motion
visualization science

Gambling In Multiplayer Games
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Kinetics of the Boston Marathon
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Just One Thing
design essay

Ski It If You Can
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Vim Croquet
vim design haskell python javascript unix data workflow

On The Future Of Statistics Languages
statistics essay

Building A Weather Station
office review workflow design javascript data

Coffee Experiments
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Bootstrap in Picture

Matryoshka Hardware
review workflow

Time Warp
statistics osx algorithm haskell python

Naming & Searching Files P3
osx workflow

Snakes On A Plane

Beer Selection
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Custom Notebooks
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Poisson Eats Cheeseburgers

Explorations in Unix
haskell unix statistics

Block Periodization
workflow cognition

Road Trip Algorithms
haskell algorithm

An Affray with RSI
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Command Line Analytics
data zsh unix

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Writing Workflow Interview

The Text Triumvirate
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Information Processing
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Markdown formatting
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Automating Letter Creation
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Whisky Analysis
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Writing in Vim
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Thanksgiving Turkey

Office Bias Lighting
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Beamer Template Theme

How to Beat HGTV
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Remapping Caps Lock
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Bieber, Gaga, and Eastwood

Data Backup
osx workflow

Batch File Renaming
unix zsh

review office osx

Setting up a Standing Desk
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Programming Headphones
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The Five Greatest Coding Albums
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The Sad Beautiful Fact
science cognition

Naming & Searching Files P2
workflow unix osx

Naming & Searching Files P1

What's Inside Scotch Whisky
science beverage

The Science of Success